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Mother language is not compulsory as a medium of instruction in schools


The significant judgment from Karnataka high court on 2nd July, 2008 ruled out the order of govt. stating that primary education should be given in Kannada medium . It is a biggest drawback not just for Karnataka Govt. but to the whole education system.

By this judgment, unaided private institutions will make hell lot of money in the form of capitation, donation and management quota seats. As of now there is a bug in the minds of parents that only English medium schools are good. Taking undue advantage of this situation, it’s very easy for private unaided institutions to make money.

At this time we can remember the famous quote saying “Science is not a difficult subject, but learning science in English medium is very difficult”. While the western countries like Germany are accepting Sanskrit as a powerful medium for teaching science related subjects, we are still hanging our self to English. This is applicable to most of the Indian local languages which are very close to Sanskrit.

From last few year if we observe the court judgments related to education field, it’s always biased towards privileged, owners of institutions. It can be regarding CET, Fee structure for professional courses or distribution of seats among management and govt., those who are making education a business won the cases. It clearly shows that, now the judicial system also getting corrupted. Till now not even a single judgment protected the interests of millions of students. It lead to lot of suicides among student central. It’s really shame on these systems to come up with such a biased judgment.

This judgment though directly won’t hit students, in long run definitely will ruin the local language. I’m not against English or any language but mother land, mother tongue should always be given top priority. Please raise your voice against this. Please share your opinion here by commenting.

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I agree that mother-tongue education is important, but the fact is that the law has not been well enforced. There are plenty of unaided schools in Karnataka that are Kannada medium on paper but English medium in reality. As you say, the problem is on the demand side -- "the bug in the minds of parents" -- and until that attitude changes, there will never be demand for Kannada medium schools no matter what laws are issued or repealed.