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Speed Vedic Mathematics Free E-Book Download


Speed Mathematics – Secret Skills for Quick Calculations E-Book by Bill Handley Free E-Book Download. This book is amust essential for all candidates who take up competitive exams, Time Exams like MAT, CAT, CET, GMAT, SAT, STEP etc. It also very useful to practice these steps to quickly solve mathematical problems, Calculations etc. YOu can multiply, divide any big numbers within seconds without using any calculators. Download Spped Mathematics e-book.


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Savings and Scholarships to Finance your Children’s Education


Education is gaining more importance in today’s society. Educated will get more opportunities and respect from the society. But looking at the tuition fee for courses is disappointing. But if you properly plan and start early, you can definitely make it.

There are various options available to make plans to save money for your children's education. Articleinput.com lists many useful resources / articles available for further reading. These articles concentrates on various options available for parents to finance their children’s education. There are various option available to fund education like scholarships, Buying bonds, Investing in mutual funds, children’s growth funds, rewards programs, Education Loan etc.

One good option is Cash in a bond tax-free. For every birthday buy a bond in the name of your children. By the time they grow up and join college, you will collect enough money to finance their education.

Bonds are financial instruments issued by companies and govt. at a discounted rate. That means the bond with value of 100 will be sold at a less price for eg. 80. It has a maturity date. After that date they can cash in the whole amount. If  you buy bonds on each and every birthday of your child by the time they grow and ready to join the college, they can sell those bonds and finance the education.

There is an interesting article about Eating disorders. you may like to read Necessary steps in the treatment of eating disorders.

Essay Content Writing Service


Essays, Term Papers Writing Services is one of the most demanded services from Academia. From high school to Doctorate studies Writing Service providers help students with quality, insightful content for submission.

There are various types of essays and writings required to be submitted for schools and colleges. From applying for scholarships to submitting synopsis, research work, theses, review, Annotated Bibliography, Dissertation, report, Term Papers, course work etc.

There are many websites which provide term paper service for a price. The experts from the industry write the most professional content for you. Anyone can order online by clicking on the link write my term paper and get the service done in more professional way.

The content writers communicate with their clients to learn the needs and accordingly provide quality contents customized to the needs specified. If you are concerned with plagiarism, you need not to worry because The writers provide genuine content which is prepared from scratch. It is not copied from any website or from any other source. As the writing service providers are experts in the field they prepare the contents based on their knowledge and research work done according to your needs.

Many writing service providers have a dedicated website and 24x7 customer support, chatting, phone support etc to deliver the content on time.

Bombay Rains Bombay Girls Book Review


After reading all those overwhelming reviews about  the book all over the net, finally I’ve decided to buy Bombay Rains and Bombay Girls by Anirban Bose. After placing order through online store I’ve received the 450 odd pages of bulky book. which itself is discouraging to go through.

After learning that the author is a doctor and foreign returned (Like Chetan Bhagat), immediate response in my mind is that this book will suck. Controlling my negative feelings I’ve started reading the book. The first few pages really suck. Like these doctors prescription cannot be understood by anyone, the book contains all those greeky terminologies, words, complex sentences which required a dictionary to understand. I though he is showing off all his worldly English knowledge through this book.

But I continued reading (Because I’ve bought the book). Soon Anirban proved me wrong. As the story progressed and got the grip over the characters and story, the greeky words didn’t bother much in the flow of story and understanding it.

Like he stated in the acknowledgement, he really does have the skill to tell stories and even make it interesting. The story progress slowly without much excitements till climax. May be at that point the author realized that he has written lots of pages without coming to an end and publishers may refuse to publish it. So he hurriedly written the climax part with lots of events, turning points, excitements like any other bollywood movie. 

But what’s more interesting and attracted me is, the way Adi the lead character learns things through the experience. Every one come across lot of experiences in their life. But very few learn lessons from it, grow mature and adopt, make use of those learning's in their real life. The letters to female lead character Isha reveals how sensitive he is to the surroundings, his environment and people around.

If you can ignore the small mistakes, that is obvious for the first time writer, you can really enjoy the book. Definitely Bombay rains, Bombay girls is not just a light read. Go grab Buy Bombay Rains Bombay Girls from Flipkart.com and enjoy reading it.  They have a special discount for the book and also ships all over India. Many payment options including Cash on Delivery is available.

Nothing can be as Crazy.. Book Review


  • Book Title : Nothing Can be as crazy…
  • Author : Ajay Mohan Jain
  • Publisher : Rupa & Co.
  • Price : Rs. 95

Summery :

This book is about a guy called suresh a typical Indian service class man. His narration of part of his life as a banker. How he struggles in one of the banks as an officer. The typical office politics etc.

Review :

The story takes place in 70s and 80s. The story is narrated in a dairy style. Most of the description of the places and events makes you feel as you are reading a private dairy of the leading role. Except for few lengthy description of the places and it’s description, this book has a good story within.

The book also takes you the work environment in 70s and 80s. Specially the banking sector is portrayed as the leading character of this story is a bank employee. You also come across to learn about the life and lifestyles of some of the major cities of the country. The cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad etc. is described. It also portrays the lifestyle of yester year youths and their ambitions.

Over all the book is a light read, as this is the debut novel of the author may be he chose the light subject.

Finally there is a single system to Measure success


In my earlier post I was discussing about Talent Crunch. This post is in continuation with that.

In last few years the engineering and Management colleges pop-up in every nuke and corner of the country. The demand for Engineering and MBA increased like anything. The only motivation for pursuing an Engineering or MBA is Money. No Passion, No quest for knowledge nothing else. The high pay checks these courses bring is the only motivation for Indian middle class to pursue these courses.

If you stop any young fellow and ask him what is his life’s goal? What he want to be in life? one sure answer pops up. “I’ve to earn lot of money within a short span of time. Retire early and Enjoy life”. (Off course their is an exception). There is no passion for what they do. There is no interest to work either.  What else can you expect from these people? There is a single system to measure the success of a person - Money. How much money you are making defines how successful you are in life. Nothing else.  

It all started with the typical Indian Middle class mentality. We associate every problem of ours with the lack of money. “If we had more money then we would not have faced this problem'” is what most of us and our parents think. We just see the one face of money. We don’t know the problems of having more money. We and our parents want us to study only those degrees that pays more. Passion, Interests, Talents are all crap if you cannot make more money than your neighbor with your talents.

We don’t hesitate to work if it pays more even if it’s late night shifts, tight schedules, high pressures, unhealthy working conditions, and even just a copy paste job also we don’t bother. Is there a way out? when our mindset, attitudes will change?

Talent Crunch or just Labor Crunch?


After IT boon in India the word “Talent Crunch” has become a cliché. You can see every now and then people from IT Industry some times even from other industries complain that their is a talent crunch. So what is Talent and What is Talent crunch?

Majority of these complaints comes from IT Industry. If we observe the kind of work people do in IT industry it doesn’t need lot of talent either. If few key people (Really talented)provided with some skilled employees can manage the whole scenario. Yes! you read it right what the industry needs is skilled manpower. (Another cliché / fancy word for labor).

Talent cannot be imbibe into anyone. Talent comes by birth. Talent is gifted by birth. Only thing you can do is explore it. People should be provided with a n environment and activities that helps them to explore what talent they have. You cannot train people to be talented. Otherwise you can create thousands of Sachins and A R Rahmans by training them. Only thing we can do is improve the skills and knowledge.

It’s not the rocket science that the IT Industry is working on for requirement of high talent. British Educated Indians in Pre-Independence era just to create clerks who follow the instructions of British officers. Still we are following the same education system that British's left to us some 60 years ago.  With such an education system how can we create Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Sergie Brin and Larry page?

Readers are Leaders : Leaders are Readers


Here's an astounding fact - Readers make more money - a lot more!   (Even in tough economic times.) According to a number of recent studies*, business people who read at least seven business books a year earn over 2.3 times more than those who read only one book per year.
One reason is they have a constant flow of new ideas and strategies they can use to help their careers, their teams and their companies. And given all the layoffs and other challenges during this recession, isn't doing everything you can to help your team and your company the best way to not only safeguard your career, but to help it grow? Where can you find a stream of new and practical ideas to drive your success? From the world's business experts.
Many of them have written books offering their proven strategies and winning ideas.
The problem ... who has time to do all that reading?
A recent study** found that while 74.9% of all managers understand the correlation between reading and competitive advantage, they simply don't have the time. This is directly impacting their careers — and incomes!

The solution...
The Institute for Supply Management has teamed up with The Business Source to offer concise summaries of books you need to read. Each month, learn best practices and powerful insights from leading-edge thinkers, industry experts and renowned business gurus.
The summaries take just 15 minutes to read and you get two summaries monthly, so your total time investment is only 30 minutes a month!

Book Review : Off course I Love You till I find Someone Better


In one one sentence I can say Off Course I Love you is for lite read. No Philosophy, No Message, bit complicated though. It’s a debut of Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja. So for a debutant standards it’s a cool book. (Though I am eager to compare it with Chetan Bhagat, I’m avoiding it).

The whole story runs on the grounds of Delhi Hi-fi society. So reaching to masses is doubtful. The Small town guys find this bit difficult to digest and accept the metro hi-fi youth culture on which the story is based on.

If you can go through the first few episodes and bit lengthy pre-climax episodes, it’s definitely a good read.  The climax is ultimate with all kind of cinematic twists and perfect.

Overall for the debutants it’s a good start. They have done a good job (Ignoring the few minor issues). Hope they correct these issues in their future books.  They have lot of potential to improve and grow.

Chetan Bhagat effect on Young Indian Authors


See what this Chetan Bhagat did to Indian youths. Whether his stories inspired the youth in right way or not but many young professionals across the country turned English authors by night. Some of them even the best sellers! Ok any how it’s a good scenario to see young people not just reading but also writing. We got some variety, new and relevant fictions to read.

Chetan’s 4 Books till date Five Point Someone, One Night at the call center, 3 Mistakes of my life, 2 states all are based on college life. (Observe all these books start with a number in their titles) These books reminded today's youth about their college life, love stories and inspired them to write a book. Earlier writing a book was not such simple one. Many think that you have to be a scholar or at least a student of literature and have lot of life experience to write books. But now anyone can write books. Even the success of chetan bhagath’s books inspired publisher’s to believe in today’s youths and their simple stories.  

So while browsing for some light, cool reads I came across some books which are almost in line with chetan’s books, light on story, light on pockets too.  So I’ve purchased 5 books to read. A Romance with a chaos by Nishanth Kaushik, Nothing can be as crazy by Ajay Mohan Jain, Love, a rather bad idea by Anirban Mukherjee, Of Course I love you by Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja, I too had a love a story by Ravinder Singh. All these books cost me only around 350 bucks purchased online.

Let me see how many of these authors and their books stand the expectations. Soon I’ll publish the reviews here. Watch this space. Flipkart which provides an online book shopping service ships the books for free within India(Orders more than Rs.100/-). The Books will be delivered within 4-5 Business Days.

3 Idiots Effect on IIMA


Finally the 3 Idiots bringing some changes in the country. The core message of the movie Life is more than just an education has touched the people of IIMA. Now IIMA has introduced a new elective course called 'Learning What is Not Taught (LWNT)'. In-house and visiting faculties are adopting the line of 3 Idiots and teaching students to learn about life from beyond the textbooks and curriculum. The course took off on Saturday.

"What the students learn in the classrooms is only the beginning of learning. The rest of the lessons are to be learnt from what life teaches them." Said Executive director of Tata Sons Ltd R Gopalakrishnan who is the lead instructor of LNWT.

The early success in terms of earnings by young professionals creates a illusion that they have achieved a lot and better than their predecessors. It also results in over confidence. But life is not just be successful in terms job and money. It’s more than that.

We hope the leading Management Institute like IIMA bringing in something like this will definitely inspire  the academic industry to follow the same suit.

How to Forgive Download Free E-Book


Somebody might have hurt you and the memory keep hunting you from ages, Even after many year of incident you can’t forget it and the sad thing is that those memories keep hurting you more than the actual pain. Why? Because you never forgive them. Forgiving the person who hurt you will not for the betterment of him/her, but for the betterment of yourself.

Whether you forgive them or not it may not have impact them but it directly affects you. If you have read Chetan Bhagats Best selling Novel 2 States you would have understand the importance of forgiving.

Forgiving really makes you feel better. But how to forgive? Yes. It’s a challenging task. It’s not so easy to forgive. To hurt back it won’t take anything much but to forgive it demands lot of courage and inner strength. Here is an e-book by Thomas Herold who teaches you “How to forgive even When you can’t Forget”. The e-book is available for free download. Hope this book changes your lives, bring in peace and harmony to your sour and body.


Free Download How to Forgive even When you can’t Forget

Get How to Forgive even When you can’t Forget books from Flipkart.com

Various Programs for Students at Intel India


Intel one of the most vibrant and dynamic Technology Organization has designed various Programs for students.

India Student Center

Intel is an organization that's always in motion, fueling an industry that never rests. With Moore’s law as our beacon, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation in order to make people's lives more exciting, more fulfilling, and easier to manage. Our unwavering commitment to moving technology forward has transformed the way people around the world live, work, learn, communicate and entertain them.


At Intel India, we are interested in helping you find work that is just right for skills and aspirations. Because when you find a career that fits, inspiration accelerates.

If you are still a student or have graduated in the last 18 months, this is your place to know more about what Intel has to offer to you, how you can make a difference and also about our special programs to accelerate your career

Find Your Path

Where do I fit?
Explore the career possibilities that are right for you.

Recent Grads
Find out what opportunities are available based on your academic degree(s).

The Intel Internship
See your options for getting valuable work experience before graduation.

Intel Rotational Programs
Get a breadth of experience in your area of interest.

Various Opportunities for Students at Sun Microsystems


Sun Microsystems one of the leading software & Services developer which develops flagship product Java have many opportunities for students. Sun Microsystems have designed many Academic programs to get exposure to the technology for students and bridge the gap of Industry and academia.

java-orangebox sun-logo-new

Finding the right career opportunity requires serious consideration and self introspection.Sun Microsystems committed to university recruiting and very interested in you.Depending on your ambitions, passions and style, Sun could be a great place for you to launch your career. Learn more about us - here, or on your campus - and find out if Sun is right for you.

Sun Student Developer Program

Sun Acquires MySQL

Some of the best application development has come from students like you, creative programmers with a desire to change an ever-evolving technological world. All you need are the tools and the technical resources to get started--without the high prices.

That's why we've designed an affordable developer program making it easy for students to learn how to develop on the open, secure and widely adopted Solaris platform. So, whether you're just beginning to explore programming with Unix or considering a future career as a Sun developer, the Sun Student Developer Program is right for you. Build your education and careers on Sun.

Become a Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador

The Sun Campus Ambassador Program hires students on college campuses around the globe to promote Sun technologies and tools. Their goal is to build developer mindshare at the grass-roots university level among their peers and professors. Campus ambassadors are Sun intern-employees for an entire academic year. These students are trained on Sun technologies and provide demonstrations of these technologies on their respective campuses. These internships are for 5 hours a week on the school campuses.

Sun has more than 500 campus ambassadors worldwide who help spread knowledge and awareness of leading-edge technologies such as Java, NetBeans IDE, OpenSolaris, and many more.

To find out if there is an opening on your campus Click Here

CampusCast SDN Channel has joined forces with the The Global Campus Ambassador Program to create a new regular university series audio podcast.

Tune in every month as our hosts, Haley Simon and Michael Coe, the regional coordinators for the campus ambassasor program along with Jodan Slott, Global Technical Lead, explore what's happening on university campuses around the world.

Each month we will feature a campus ambassador and invite them to tell their story on SDN Channel. Hear first-hand about he latest technology trends and research projects on each campus. Listen in as they share their personal experiences. Whether it's mentoring a student through a technical challenge, giving a tech talk, or hands-on demonstrations, tune in to SDN Channel to find out what students are saying and how to get involved.

We're trying to get the word out, so tell your friends, post a blog entry and link on over to CampusCast.

Join a Community
Sun Community

Join a community and get the hottest tech tools, the coolest coding tips and more delivered direct to your in-box.

Provides a common area for interesting conversations and innovative development projects related to Java technology. By participating on java.net, members learn from each other, discover solutions to programming challenges, find new colleagues and mentors, and have more fun with Java technology.

Solaris in now open source, creating new opportunities for academic developers to collaborate and innovate.

NetBeans is more than a Java development IDE. It is also a vibrant community where academic developers can ask questions, share and contribute

10 Musts for Summer Internships


As the summer is coming up, not many students will joy of thinking the vacation. Because there are majority number of students for whom summer is the time for internship projects and the nightmare might have started by this time. For those of you who are finding it difficult to get summer projects, here is an article which guides you in the right path.

Rediff Get Ahead lists these 10 points to focus on Summer Internships

  1. Your summer internship is your problem
  2. Set SMART goals
  3. Let the side work be side work
  4. Keep a journal
  5. Keep your guide posted
  6. Look for accommodation in hostels
  7. Get A College Letter
  8. Carry your texts with you
  9. Don't look at the money
  10. Benchmark against the best

For Detailed article visit :

10 MUSTs for a summer internship

How to prepare for IAS KAS Exams


Update : 28-09-2011 : KAS Exam 2012 New Syllabus & Examination Pattern

KPSC has revised the KAS Exam Pattern. Visit the following link for New KAS Exam pattern & Syllabus.

From 1998 KPSC KAS Exams are conducted in the lines of UPSCs IAS Exams. There will be 3 levels of Exams conducted. Except a 300 Marks Essay writing in IAS, Most of the methods, guidelines and procedures used in IAS are used in KAS also.

KPSC will conduct KAS exams in 2010 for recruitment of 268 posts vacant in various departments of Karnataka government.

For Up-to-date News and Updates Visit the following links

Eligibility :

Candidates must have passed any degree

Students studying in final Year/Semester of their degree can also apply for the exam provided they must produce the marks card at the time of main exams

General Category candidates can attempt for max. 5 times and OBC category candidates for max. 7 times. SC/SC can write any no. of times.

Age Limit : General : Max. 35 Years. OBC : Max. 38 Years and SC/ST : Max. 40 Years

There are 3 levels in KAS

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Main Exam
  3. Personal Interview

Preliminary Exam (Prelims in short) :

There will be two compulsory Question Papers in Prelims. First paper will be General Studies with 150 Marks. Second Paper for 300 Marks Specific Paper. Candidates can choose the specific subject that they want to write exam. The KAS syllabus for this exam will be of degree level.

Each paper will be given 2 hours of duration. Usually Exams for both the papers will be conducted on the same day. Prelims exam will be of Objective type questions where you have to choose the write answer from the four options given.

Paper 1 : General Paper (General Studies / General Knowledge)

This paper is set based on the general science, State, National, International current affairs, Indian History, Geography, Constitution, Economy, Indian National Movement, Mental Ability etc. The question paper will be in both Kannada and English. Candidates has choose one language to  write exam.

Paper 2 : Specific paper / Elective Paper

The subjects for Specific Paper are as follows

  1. Agriculture, Sericulture, Agricultural Marketing And Co-Operation
  2. Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences And Fisheries
  3. Botany
  4. Chemistry
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Commerce, Accounting:, Business Organisation & Secretarial Practice:
  7. Criminology
  8. Economics, Karnataka Economy
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Geography
  11. Law
  12. Mathematics
  13. History
  14. Mechanical Engineering
  15. Philosophy
  16. Geology
  17. Physics
  18. Political Science And International Relations
  19. Psychology
  20. Public Administration.
  21. Sociology
  22. Statistics
  23. Zoology
  24. Rural Development
  25. Hindi
  26. Anthropology.
  27. Urdu Syllabus
  28. Kannada
  29. English
  30. Management

After the prelims exam the candidates will be selected on 1:20 ratio for the Main Exam. A separate Application has to be submitted for Main Exam with the degree marks cards. In case if the candidate successfully crack the Prelims exam and fail in the degree exam he/she will be disqualified  for Main Exam.

Main Exam (Mains in short)

There will be total 8 papers in Main Exam.

Paper 1 – Kannada (150 Marks)

Paper 2 – English (150 Marks)

Papers 3 & 4 – General Knowledge (300 Marks each)

Papers 5,6,7 & 8 : Four Papers on Two Elective Subjects (300 Marks each)

Kannada & English Papers are Eligibility papers means you have to score minimum of 35 marks in order to be eligible. The scores in these two papers will not be considered for the calculation of percentage. These papers are descriptive type. Syllabus for Kannada and English Papers are of SSLC Level and Mains exams will be of Degree level.

Personal Interview

Those candidates who successfully cracked the Main exam will be shortlisted for the Personal Interview on a 1:3 Ratio. Here the candidates Leadership Qualities, Mental Stability, Decision taking abilities are measured.


The final and important question How to prepare for KAS?

The General Knowledge paper in prelims will contain questions from various fields and will be vast in nature. So preparing with any one book is not sufficient. You have to read at least two Kannada, two English news papers, Magazines on a daily basis to gain more knowledge and up-to-date about the current affairs across the globe. With that you need to make important points and notes for revision at the later stage. Don’t depend on the books which comes to market at the time of exam. Instead of that keep reading the books write now.

Joining the KAS training institutes are another best option. Where you will be given a structured, organized way of preparing for the exams. But before joining such institutions query about the quality of Materials, Teaching staff and resources provided.


For Up-to-date News and Updates Visit the following links