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Savings and Scholarships to Finance your Children’s Education


Education is gaining more importance in today’s society. Educated will get more opportunities and respect from the society. But looking at the tuition fee for courses is disappointing. But if you properly plan and start early, you can definitely make it.

There are various options available to make plans to save money for your children's education. Articleinput.com lists many useful resources / articles available for further reading. These articles concentrates on various options available for parents to finance their children’s education. There are various option available to fund education like scholarships, Buying bonds, Investing in mutual funds, children’s growth funds, rewards programs, Education Loan etc.

One good option is Cash in a bond tax-free. For every birthday buy a bond in the name of your children. By the time they grow up and join college, you will collect enough money to finance their education.

Bonds are financial instruments issued by companies and govt. at a discounted rate. That means the bond with value of 100 will be sold at a less price for eg. 80. It has a maturity date. After that date they can cash in the whole amount. If  you buy bonds on each and every birthday of your child by the time they grow and ready to join the college, they can sell those bonds and finance the education.

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