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Will Exams improve your Skills?


My first post is based on the opinion provided by Prof. PS Gill to NASSCOM(which they are already implemented) about having a "Common Placement Test - CPT" and ranking system in order to ease the process of placement. There by helping companies, institutions and students. Please refer the newsletter from NASSCOM Communiue.

I think, the examination system in India is the killer of creativity and innovation. Because students are so used to examination system that, they don't even bother to read anything that is beyond the scope of examination or curriculum.

The ranking system is more a elimination process than a selection process, that will unnecessarily create tension and stress among students and educational institutes. Still I don't understand how can one test the capability and skill level of a person within few hours while the learning process takes days, months and years together. More than that the environment in the workplace is different than the environment of examination. There is a large gap between what is needed and what is provided.

There is a problem in understanding the gap. At least now the industry should wake up, and bring in some new innovative models to improve the skill level of engineering graduates. That in turn ensures that there is a smooth supply of manpower and also reduces the attrition rate.

I really don't understand how bringing in one more exam will ensure that, it will meet the needs of the industry. As Prof. PS Gill himself mentions in his article, there is a need for around 1.5 lakh engineers in India but companies are hardly getting around 1 lakh skilled man power. That means there is a gap of about 50,000 manpower per annum. In this scenario what we need is improving the quality of education and training, Industry interaction and Finishing Schools(This is also a brainchild of NASSCOM). The case study of Maveric Systems is quite impressing.

Mean while share your opinions and views about CPT here in comments section. Also don't forget to vote your opinion.

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