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Career Aptitude Test


What to study and which career to take up are some of the most important decisions you will take in life. The experts at the Amity Career Counseling Centre have developed a personality and career aptitude test based on the most scientific MBT Test which has proven successful all over the World. This test has already been taken by over 450,000 people! It only takes 4 minutes and give loads on information on you.

Each and every student and professionals need to take this test. It is a Career Aptitude test conducted by Amity University to recognize the individual’s potential and personality. Taking this test will help you to recognize which area best suits your personality type.

The test contains four simple questions where each question contains some statements divided into two categories A and B. You need to choose either of these options that best suits you. After completion of the test, it will give your personality type and the course/ area that suit you better. Just give a try and know your personality type. Take Career Aptitude test now. It hardly takes some 5-10 minutes to complete. If you find this test useful, please post your results here. Any comments in this regard are welcome.

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