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15 Secrets to score top rank in PGCET for MBA


Successfully crack PGCET with these tips and tricks

Those who aspire for MBA in Karnataka, PGCET conducted by VTU are one of the important exams. Now it’s time for final preparations as the exam is fast approaching. Here are the tips for successfully cracking the exam. Here I present the top secrets to be success in PGCET. This is based on the technique that I used when in my PGCET exam and it fetched me 14th Rank. Hope this will help you too.

PGCET is for 100 marks. There will be usually 100 questions carrying one mark each. There are four sections of 25 questions each. Mathematics, Reasoning, General Knowledge and Objective English are the four sections which have equal weightage.

By this time you would have prepared well for the exam. I’d like to mention how I prepared for the exam. Though my preparations started before 10months to exam, I took 3 months prior to exam as very serious and concentrated on preparations (I was also working 8hrs a day in a computer institute).

I didn’t join any coaching classes. All I did is to read the newspapers and magazines thoroughly. I spent almost 3-4hrs a day for reading news papers and magazines. I dedicated maximum hrs for Mathematics, as I was bit weak in that subject. The next major proportion of my time was dedicated to Objective English. Though it was bit boring, I simply continued referring the guide forcibly. Amazingly it really helped me in the exam. The rest of the time I practiced on reasoning section.

Here is the tips

Now I will tell the secrets of cracking the exam successfully. In this exam there will be no negative valuation. That is you won’t lose marks for the wrong answer like many of the competitive exams do. Once you get the question paper, take an overview of the question paper. It will give an overall idea of the pattern of the paper. Then

  1. Choose the section that you are very much thorough and confident of answering most of the questions correctly.
  2. Choose the section that is simple and don’t need much time.
  3. Usually it’s better to answer General Knowledge section first then Objective English later on Reasoning and finally mathematics.
  4. This is because the General Knowledge section will take less time for each question compare to Objective English and so on.
  5. You will get total 120min to answer 100 questions.
  6. General Knowledge section should be completed within first 15mins.
  7. Objective English section should be completed within 20mins.
  8. Reasoning section should be completed within 25min.
  9. Mathematics section can take up to 50mins based on the difficulty of the questions.
  10. In mathematics section for simple questions, use bottom to top approach. i.e out of the four choices given you can easily derive the correct one.
  11. Remember only write answer counts and not the step-by-step procedure that you follow to derive at the answer. So don’t waste much time in solving the problem step-by-step.
  12. So in 90mins you have to answer all the questions that you are pretty confident. If you are in confusion or doubt just leave it and move on to next question. Don’t waste much time.
  13. The rest 30min you have to answer all the questions that you left without answering from all the section.
  14. Don’t leave any question, maximum try to solve or find the write answer. Even after all the attempts if you can’t just mark the answer that your sixth sense suggests (This tip may look bit vague, but it is always better to follow this step).
  15. Finally confirm that you have answered the entire question and submit the answer sheet to your supervisor.
If you are following any different strategy please do mention the same here in comments section so that others also get the benefit. All the best.

Link:15 Secrets to score top rank in PGCET for MBA

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varun menezes messaged me

i read your blog,and was impressed, so what books did u refer for the preparation for the exam ??? plez reply asap thank u!!!

This is the reply to his message:
I've reffered the books prepared for CAT exam, Business World's B-School Guide, A book called Objective English.