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3 Idiots Effect on IIMA


Finally the 3 Idiots bringing some changes in the country. The core message of the movie Life is more than just an education has touched the people of IIMA. Now IIMA has introduced a new elective course called 'Learning What is Not Taught (LWNT)'. In-house and visiting faculties are adopting the line of 3 Idiots and teaching students to learn about life from beyond the textbooks and curriculum. The course took off on Saturday.

"What the students learn in the classrooms is only the beginning of learning. The rest of the lessons are to be learnt from what life teaches them." Said Executive director of Tata Sons Ltd R Gopalakrishnan who is the lead instructor of LNWT.

The early success in terms of earnings by young professionals creates a illusion that they have achieved a lot and better than their predecessors. It also results in over confidence. But life is not just be successful in terms job and money. It’s more than that.

We hope the leading Management Institute like IIMA bringing in something like this will definitely inspire  the academic industry to follow the same suit.

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