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Somebody might have hurt you and the memory keep hunting you from ages, Even after many year of incident you can’t forget it and the sad thing is that those memories keep hurting you more than the actual pain. Why? Because you never forgive them. Forgiving the person who hurt you will not for the betterment of him/her, but for the betterment of yourself.

Whether you forgive them or not it may not have impact them but it directly affects you. If you have read Chetan Bhagats Best selling Novel 2 States you would have understand the importance of forgiving.

Forgiving really makes you feel better. But how to forgive? Yes. It’s a challenging task. It’s not so easy to forgive. To hurt back it won’t take anything much but to forgive it demands lot of courage and inner strength. Here is an e-book by Thomas Herold who teaches you “How to forgive even When you can’t Forget”. The e-book is available for free download. Hope this book changes your lives, bring in peace and harmony to your sour and body.


Free Download How to Forgive even When you can’t Forget

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