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Various Opportunities for Students at Sun Microsystems


Sun Microsystems one of the leading software & Services developer which develops flagship product Java have many opportunities for students. Sun Microsystems have designed many Academic programs to get exposure to the technology for students and bridge the gap of Industry and academia.

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Finding the right career opportunity requires serious consideration and self introspection.Sun Microsystems committed to university recruiting and very interested in you.Depending on your ambitions, passions and style, Sun could be a great place for you to launch your career. Learn more about us - here, or on your campus - and find out if Sun is right for you.

Sun Student Developer Program

Sun Acquires MySQL

Some of the best application development has come from students like you, creative programmers with a desire to change an ever-evolving technological world. All you need are the tools and the technical resources to get started--without the high prices.

That's why we've designed an affordable developer program making it easy for students to learn how to develop on the open, secure and widely adopted Solaris platform. So, whether you're just beginning to explore programming with Unix or considering a future career as a Sun developer, the Sun Student Developer Program is right for you. Build your education and careers on Sun.

Become a Campus Ambassador

Campus Ambassador

The Sun Campus Ambassador Program hires students on college campuses around the globe to promote Sun technologies and tools. Their goal is to build developer mindshare at the grass-roots university level among their peers and professors. Campus ambassadors are Sun intern-employees for an entire academic year. These students are trained on Sun technologies and provide demonstrations of these technologies on their respective campuses. These internships are for 5 hours a week on the school campuses.

Sun has more than 500 campus ambassadors worldwide who help spread knowledge and awareness of leading-edge technologies such as Java, NetBeans IDE, OpenSolaris, and many more.

To find out if there is an opening on your campus Click Here

CampusCast SDN Channel has joined forces with the The Global Campus Ambassador Program to create a new regular university series audio podcast.

Tune in every month as our hosts, Haley Simon and Michael Coe, the regional coordinators for the campus ambassasor program along with Jodan Slott, Global Technical Lead, explore what's happening on university campuses around the world.

Each month we will feature a campus ambassador and invite them to tell their story on SDN Channel. Hear first-hand about he latest technology trends and research projects on each campus. Listen in as they share their personal experiences. Whether it's mentoring a student through a technical challenge, giving a tech talk, or hands-on demonstrations, tune in to SDN Channel to find out what students are saying and how to get involved.

We're trying to get the word out, so tell your friends, post a blog entry and link on over to CampusCast.

Join a Community
Sun Community

Join a community and get the hottest tech tools, the coolest coding tips and more delivered direct to your in-box.

Provides a common area for interesting conversations and innovative development projects related to Java technology. By participating on java.net, members learn from each other, discover solutions to programming challenges, find new colleagues and mentors, and have more fun with Java technology.

Solaris in now open source, creating new opportunities for academic developers to collaborate and innovate.

NetBeans is more than a Java development IDE. It is also a vibrant community where academic developers can ask questions, share and contribute

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