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Talent Crunch or just Labor Crunch?


After IT boon in India the word “Talent Crunch” has become a cliché. You can see every now and then people from IT Industry some times even from other industries complain that their is a talent crunch. So what is Talent and What is Talent crunch?

Majority of these complaints comes from IT Industry. If we observe the kind of work people do in IT industry it doesn’t need lot of talent either. If few key people (Really talented)provided with some skilled employees can manage the whole scenario. Yes! you read it right what the industry needs is skilled manpower. (Another cliché / fancy word for labor).

Talent cannot be imbibe into anyone. Talent comes by birth. Talent is gifted by birth. Only thing you can do is explore it. People should be provided with a n environment and activities that helps them to explore what talent they have. You cannot train people to be talented. Otherwise you can create thousands of Sachins and A R Rahmans by training them. Only thing we can do is improve the skills and knowledge.

It’s not the rocket science that the IT Industry is working on for requirement of high talent. British Educated Indians in Pre-Independence era just to create clerks who follow the instructions of British officers. Still we are following the same education system that British's left to us some 60 years ago.  With such an education system how can we create Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, Sergie Brin and Larry page?

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