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Finally there is a single system to Measure success


In my earlier post I was discussing about Talent Crunch. This post is in continuation with that.

In last few years the engineering and Management colleges pop-up in every nuke and corner of the country. The demand for Engineering and MBA increased like anything. The only motivation for pursuing an Engineering or MBA is Money. No Passion, No quest for knowledge nothing else. The high pay checks these courses bring is the only motivation for Indian middle class to pursue these courses.

If you stop any young fellow and ask him what is his life’s goal? What he want to be in life? one sure answer pops up. “I’ve to earn lot of money within a short span of time. Retire early and Enjoy life”. (Off course their is an exception). There is no passion for what they do. There is no interest to work either.  What else can you expect from these people? There is a single system to measure the success of a person - Money. How much money you are making defines how successful you are in life. Nothing else.  

It all started with the typical Indian Middle class mentality. We associate every problem of ours with the lack of money. “If we had more money then we would not have faced this problem'” is what most of us and our parents think. We just see the one face of money. We don’t know the problems of having more money. We and our parents want us to study only those degrees that pays more. Passion, Interests, Talents are all crap if you cannot make more money than your neighbor with your talents.

We don’t hesitate to work if it pays more even if it’s late night shifts, tight schedules, high pressures, unhealthy working conditions, and even just a copy paste job also we don’t bother. Is there a way out? when our mindset, attitudes will change?

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