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Bombay Rains Bombay Girls Book Review


After reading all those overwhelming reviews about  the book all over the net, finally I’ve decided to buy Bombay Rains and Bombay Girls by Anirban Bose. After placing order through online store I’ve received the 450 odd pages of bulky book. which itself is discouraging to go through.

After learning that the author is a doctor and foreign returned (Like Chetan Bhagat), immediate response in my mind is that this book will suck. Controlling my negative feelings I’ve started reading the book. The first few pages really suck. Like these doctors prescription cannot be understood by anyone, the book contains all those greeky terminologies, words, complex sentences which required a dictionary to understand. I though he is showing off all his worldly English knowledge through this book.

But I continued reading (Because I’ve bought the book). Soon Anirban proved me wrong. As the story progressed and got the grip over the characters and story, the greeky words didn’t bother much in the flow of story and understanding it.

Like he stated in the acknowledgement, he really does have the skill to tell stories and even make it interesting. The story progress slowly without much excitements till climax. May be at that point the author realized that he has written lots of pages without coming to an end and publishers may refuse to publish it. So he hurriedly written the climax part with lots of events, turning points, excitements like any other bollywood movie. 

But what’s more interesting and attracted me is, the way Adi the lead character learns things through the experience. Every one come across lot of experiences in their life. But very few learn lessons from it, grow mature and adopt, make use of those learning's in their real life. The letters to female lead character Isha reveals how sensitive he is to the surroundings, his environment and people around.

If you can ignore the small mistakes, that is obvious for the first time writer, you can really enjoy the book. Definitely Bombay rains, Bombay girls is not just a light read. Go grab Buy Bombay Rains Bombay Girls from Flipkart.com and enjoy reading it.  They have a special discount for the book and also ships all over India. Many payment options including Cash on Delivery is available.

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