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Nothing can be as Crazy.. Book Review


  • Book Title : Nothing Can be as crazy…
  • Author : Ajay Mohan Jain
  • Publisher : Rupa & Co.
  • Price : Rs. 95

Summery :

This book is about a guy called suresh a typical Indian service class man. His narration of part of his life as a banker. How he struggles in one of the banks as an officer. The typical office politics etc.

Review :

The story takes place in 70s and 80s. The story is narrated in a dairy style. Most of the description of the places and events makes you feel as you are reading a private dairy of the leading role. Except for few lengthy description of the places and it’s description, this book has a good story within.

The book also takes you the work environment in 70s and 80s. Specially the banking sector is portrayed as the leading character of this story is a bank employee. You also come across to learn about the life and lifestyles of some of the major cities of the country. The cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad etc. is described. It also portrays the lifestyle of yester year youths and their ambitions.

Over all the book is a light read, as this is the debut novel of the author may be he chose the light subject.

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