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Book Review : Off course I Love You till I find Someone Better


In one one sentence I can say Off Course I Love you is for lite read. No Philosophy, No Message, bit complicated though. It’s a debut of Durjoy Datta and Maanvi Ahuja. So for a debutant standards it’s a cool book. (Though I am eager to compare it with Chetan Bhagat, I’m avoiding it).

The whole story runs on the grounds of Delhi Hi-fi society. So reaching to masses is doubtful. The Small town guys find this bit difficult to digest and accept the metro hi-fi youth culture on which the story is based on.

If you can go through the first few episodes and bit lengthy pre-climax episodes, it’s definitely a good read.  The climax is ultimate with all kind of cinematic twists and perfect.

Overall for the debutants it’s a good start. They have done a good job (Ignoring the few minor issues). Hope they correct these issues in their future books.  They have lot of potential to improve and grow.

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